Q&A about difficult Bible verses

Tips for Preachers and Bible Teachers

Sermon organization, use of illustrations, expository preaching, how to outline a lesson, effective writing, Bible study aids, and much more.

Seminars and Gospel Meetings

Seminar on the Revelation, in three days, using PowerPoint.

Seminar on Romans, in three days, using PowerPoint.

Seminar on Inspiration and How We Got the Bible, in two to three session on one day, using PowerPoint.


  • "The Apocalypse: A Revelation of Jesus Christ" - available here or through Christian bookstores. $16.95
  • "The Righteousness of God: A Study of Paul's Epistle to the Romans" - available through Amazon or through bookstores (ISBN 978-1-62839-224-1) $11.99

Do you have questions about the Bible?

I will do my best to give a correct answer from God's word.

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Avez-vous des questions sur la Bible?

Je vous offre des reponses fideles a la Parole de Dieu.